Our Committees

Our Annual Sponsors

CIWA is proud to have the tremendous support of our volunteer committees. Each committee contributes to the overall success of CIWA and works hard to deliver more value to our members.

If you would like to learn more about CIWA committees, please contact any committee member listed below or contact CIWA Headquarters via our contact form.


Mission: To perpetuate the advocacy of California Wholesale Insurance Professionals through its legislative efforts working closely with our legislative liaison, John Norwood.

Paul Laufer
Gorst & Compass
(818) 507-0900  |  Email

Hank Haldeman, Amwins
Rupert Hall, Golden Bear Insurance Company
Tim Chaix, R.E. Chaix & Associates
Jeff Case, Bridge Specialty / Hull & Co.
Aimee Bernadicou, Wholesure


Mission: To provide CIWA members with timely, relevant and critical educational information through multi-channel efforts (CIWA Events, CIWA website, etc.). Further, the committee will find new and engaging ways to enhance our education offerings and bring additional value to CIWA members and member companies.

Key areas of focus
To ensure the most relevant topics and speakers are in place for our two annual conferences and to expand our educational offerings and value for all CIWA members.

Andrea House
(480) 306-8309  |  Email

Kristi Dean, Stone Dean Law
Megan Wicks, Gorst & Compass
Peter Schifrin, SGD, Inc.
Caleb Hardee, Markel

CIWA Future

Mission: To connect insurance professionals under 40 and to provide a regional forum for communicating with young professionals in the industry. This is a new committee that we feel is critical to the future of CIWA and can provide great benefit to our members by connecting them with young talent. This committee will also assist in partnering with California-based RMI programs to connect and place young talent in the California wholesale community.

Zach Hernandez
XPT Specialty
(714) 394-1884 |  Email

Becky Tucker, Wholesure
Devon Borisoff, Monarch E&S
Kenny Ogden, IFG Companies
Max Plummer, MUSIC
Mike Donahue, Wholesure
Morgan Baitz, Ck Specialty
Nolan Reilly, Vela Insurance Services
Spencer Borisoff, Monarch E&S
Andrew T Lunney Jr, MUSIC


Mission: To advocate for membership of the California Wholesalers Insurance Association. Main responsibilities include creating and researching new ways to bring value to existing members as well as ways to bring new members into CIWA.

Key areas of focus
To not only seek new membership, but stay in tune and anticipate what existing members need. Additionally, the Membership Committee will work with the communications committee to market and communicate about CIWA’s two annual events and grow our attendance with potential and existing members.

Mike Louderback
CRC Group
(484) 919-3219 |  Email

David Klayman, Seneca Insurance Company
Emil Moskowitz, Cal Inspection
Garett Kaneko,  Amwins
John Mundelius, Union General
Mark Kaufman, XPT Specialty
Caleb Whitehouse,  Novatae Risk Group
Graham Doran, Palomar


Mission: To keep wholesale insurance professionals aware of CIWA, its mission, vision and goals.

Key areas of focus
To communicate the benefits of CIWA and keep our members up-to-date on topics and legislation impacting our industry. Further, the communications committee will raise awareness and promote CIWA events, training, and educational opportunities through multiple channels.

Sarah Sloan
Paragon Insurance Holdings
(615) 427-0361 |  Email

Grainne Bohan, UFG
Temyka Luckett, Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company
Tanisha Keel, Vela Insurance Services
Douglas Weisskopf, Hartford Steam Boiler
Dena Kaplan, Insurance Journal


Mission: To plan and execute educational and enjoyable events that foster growth and networking within the CIWA community.

Key areas of focus
Annual Meeting and Summer Forum event planning and coordination.

Kristen Nevins, CDMP
Direct Connection Advertising & Marketing
(800) 445-2150 |  Email

Kenny Ogden, IFG Companies
Sarah Sloan, Paragon Insurance Holdings LLC
Yana Connors, Ck Specialty
Sarah Bryant, Core Specialty
Patrick Riddell, Nationwide E&S

CIWA is one of those rare associations that brings business and personal relationships together. It is large enough to be a voice in our state with business owners and legislators and small enough to hear each member’s voice. Meetings with our business partners are not akin to speed dating, there is time to truly listen and be listened too. Sierra Specialty is proud to be a member.”

Kathy Schroeder

President, Sierra Specialty