Prime Insurance Company is committed to helping our producers and insureds achieve success. First and foremost we are here when you need us. We provide customized solutions for Excess & Surplus (E&S) risks that include new ventures, operations with unfavorable loss history, and more favorable risks looking for a better partnership. We work together with you so that we can understand why a business is turning to us. This provides open communication and enables all of us to proceed with transparency to provide solutions that fit the client’s risk profile and make him or her happy.

We are also committed to help you understand our forms, provisions and underwriting flexibility so that together we can develop a successful strategy. We’ll help you provide us with complete details on a risk in an application/submission, which in turn allows us to be responsive to you throughout the quote-bind process.

A Different Approach to Claims
When it comes to claims, we take a different approach that also furthers our mutual success. In an environment where social inflation has resulted in nuclear verdicts brought about by aggressive lawyers and firms whose principal purpose is to fund litigation cases, Prime Insurance Company is willing to fight against frivolous lawsuits and unfair settlement requests. While other carriers have been known to pay questionable claims only to find out later that these claims have resulted in underwriting deterioration and unprofitability, we’re committed to ending this pattern on behalf of our partner clients. Our strategy is to provide risk-management value for insureds with loss-prevention solutions uncommon to traditional insurance carriers, while also battling frivolous litigation promoted by television and billboard ads. We invest the time necessary to meet with insureds to identify and analyze potential risks toward developing strategies to avoid claims.

Keeping Connected
Most importantly, we get to know you. This is how we develop meaningful, long-lasting professional relationships. We spend time with producers throughout the country, in-person, and in one-on-one meetings. We also conduct lunch & learn conference calls (even more popular in today’s COVID environment). Our business development person will arrange lunch for everyone (sometimes we have up to 25 people on a call) for a “lunch & learn ” session for us to check in, engage with, and learn more about one another. It’s a great way of taking the time to discuss what is happening in the insurance market, including risk appetite changes, and how this is impacting the E&S market as well as certain niche markets and product lines, and the ways in which Prime Insurance Company is poised to provide solutions that address producers’ needs.

The proof of our success is in the pudding: Prime Insurance Company has remained steadfast in providing a stable market for extraordinary risks while growing to more than 150 employees, earning an “A” Excellent rating from AM Best*. Our emphasis on partnership, underwriting flexibility, and robust claims defense has distinguished us in the E&S industry.

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To learn more contact:

Frank Lukacs
Chief Marketing Officer
Tel.  (801) 304-5573

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