Membership Policy


No individual or company shall be denied membership to the California Insurance Wholesalers Association if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Eligibility is open to individuals or entities that:

  • Meet the qualification for one of the defined membership types;
  • Support the mission of the California Insurance Wholesalers Association;
  • Complete an application for membership; AND
  • Remit appropriate dues.

Membership Types

There are five types of California Insurance Wholesalers Association memberships:

Wholesaler Membership
Sole proprietorships, partnerships or corporations that are licensed in the State of California as an agent, broker, MGA, Program Manager, or Surplus Lines Broker and who is actively engaged in the insurance business predominantly as a wholesaler.

Associate Membership
Insurance companies, reinsurance companies, reinsurance intermediaries, Lloyd’s Brokers, Underwriting Managers or Syndicates of an exchange that are authorized to do business within the State of California and whose principal activity is to support the wholesale insurance market.

Supporting Membership
Individuals, Firms, or Corporations that provide valuable services and support to CIWA Associate Members, CIWA Wholesale Members, and the larger California insurance wholesale marketplace.

Partner Membership
All Surplus Lines Association and/or stamping offices and other insurance associations.

Media Membership
Individuals, Firms, or Corporations that represent the Property & Casualty insurance industry publication and/or news outlet.

Membership Rights and Responsibilities

All members shall act in accordance with all published procedures of the California Insurance Wholesalers Association. Membership rights and responsibilities include, but are not be limited to, the following:

  • Members are requested to attend all scheduled meetings of the full membership as often as possible.
  • Regardless of the type of membership, each person is afforded one vote.

Suspension or Termination of Membership

The Executive Board may suspend or terminate membership if someone is no longer eligible for membership and/or is in gross violation of organizational policies and procedures. Dues will not be refunded due to suspension or termination of membership.

Any member deemed by the Board to be acting in a way that jeopardizes the mission of the California Insurance Wholesalers Association may have their membership revoked by rules of modified consensus. Any member whose membership has been revoked will receive written notification from the Board. Upon receipt of such notification, all rights and privileges of membership in the California Insurance Wholesalers Association shall be considered suspended. Membership revocation decisions by the Board may be appealed at a general membership meeting and the member will be given an opportunity to be heard. The full membership shall have the authority to override the decision by the Board to revoke membership by a simple majority vote.


Membership dues are as follows:

  • $775 for a Wholesaler membership;
  • $775 for a Supporting membership;
  • $1,000 for an Associate membership, plus $250 per each additional office location(s) in California;
  • $0 for Partner membership;
  • $775 for Media membership.

The California Insurance Wholesalers Association is committed to the inclusion of any eligible Individual and will not turn away an eligible member due to an inability to pay the full membership amount. A discounted rate may be utilized if deemed appropriate by the Organizational Operations Collective and/or the Internal or External Coordinator.

Diversity and Inclusion

California Insurance Wholesale Association is committed to a diverse, inclusive and equitable membership and organization where all eligible individuals, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education or disability, feels valued and respected.  We are committed to a nondiscriminatory approach to its organization, mission and values.  We are committed to modeling diversity and maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all.